Art & Monuments

The sculpture “Gay Liberation” by George Segal commemorates the gay rights movement that began in 1969 at Stonewall Inn located across Christopher Street from the park. The statue was placed in the park in 1992. (Learn more here. See the many faces of Gay Liberation here.)


The statue of General Phillip H. Sheridan, commemorating his Civil War victories, was placed in the park in 1935. The statue is the work of sculptor Joseph P. Polli. (Learn more here.)


The flagpole, erected in 1936, commemorates several of the 1861 Fire Zouaves, an elite Civil War unit that wore uniforms styled after those worn by North African tribesmen. (Learn more here.)


For more than 130 years, a handsome wrought-iron fence has bounded the park, protecting trees and plants. As a historical landmark, the fence can only be painted in landmark-approved colors.

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